Solar panel hybridization

A unique technology that allows simultaneous generation of electricity and heat

Technology in numbers


of solar energy is converted into energy for consumption

We have conducted many experiments and determined that the total power of the two types of energy produced by our panels is more than 90% of the energy received from the sun. This is incredible, because conventional panels convert only up to 22% of solar energy.

by 10-20% more

more electricity compared to conventional panels

During operation, a photocell heats up and loses power by 0.3-0.4% for every degree of operating temperature above 20°C. Since we remove heat from the photocells, we get an increase in electrical power compared to a conventional panel in similar conditions.


Increase in the service life of the panels

Keeping photovoltaic cells in a stable and low-temperature mode improves electron mobility and extends the effective life of the modules compared to conventional solar panels.


dimensions are the same as those of conventional panels

We hybridize conventional solar panels and preserve their dimensions, which allows us to use standard mounting and installation systems. This advantage is important if you want to hybridize your existing solar system to maximize efficiency.

by 3-4 times

more heat than electrical power

The heat dissipated from the panel (0.5-0.7 kW/m²) heats water, for example, in a boiler or swimming pool. The ratio of heat generation to electricity can be flexibly adjusted by the volume of coolant in the system.

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Areas of application

SolarPlex AGRO

The problem:

Greenhouses allow you to manage many growing processes, but require large investments to ensure all the benefits. Also, greenhouses are very limited in size, which does not allow for a lot of production.

Fields are large and don’t require as much capital investment as greenhouses. But they don’t have as much control over the growing process as greenhouses, which affects the yield and quantity of products per unit area.

SolarPlex solution:

The construction of a solar station using hybridized solar panels over the field provides all the benefits of managing the growing processes as in a greenhouse and even more, without losing all the advantages of the field. Additionally, it provides an opportunity to generate income from the sale of electricity.

SolarPlex RV

The problem:

RV owners have limited energy autonomy when traveling. The current solution (batteries, generators, gas tanks, etc.) is expensive, inconvenient, and does not solve the problem completely.

If the motorhome does not have an alternative source of heat and electricity, it limits the choice of stops when traveling. They won’t be able to travel to remote locations for long periods of time.

SolarPlex solution:

The installation of hybrid solar panels provides electrical and thermal energy anywhere.

SolarPlex House

The problem:

Conventional solar panels lose up to 25% of their efficiency due to excessive temperature. In addition, we waste green electricity to heat water, and there is limited space on the roof to install both solar electric and thermal panels.

The SolarPlex solution:

Heat dissipation from the panels preserves their power and heats the water from the sun for free.


Olexey Kurguzov


Responsible for management, engineering and automation. He has 6 years of experience in solar energy.

Olena Bagirova


Responsible for science and technology. She has 20 years of experience in solar energy.

Alex Riabtsev


Responsible for communications and business development. He has 20 years of experience in communications.