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What is SolarPlex?

SolarPlex Project is a Hybrid Solar(PV-T) modules with the highest specific power (90% efficiency), generated electric and thermal energy and low cost. The cost of the hybrid module is formed from the cost of the basic photovoltaic panel 100 -120 $ (depending on its electric power, manufacturer, etc.), as well as the cost of materials and work on the formation of the modular structure. The consumer price of a hybrid panel(size 1640*990 mm) should not exceed $ 450-500. Profitability of production reaches 70-80%.

Features of technology

Flexibility of production. We do not produce the panel from the beginning of the production cycle - we hybridize conventional PV-panels at the customer's choice. The technology of producing a hybrid panel by lamination has been developed, manual assembly operations have been minimized. The Hybrid panel keeps the sizes of the original PV-panel that allows using regular installation/mountain systems. The system has automatic control over the selection of the priority of the type of energy. The cost of hybridization depends only on the area and efficiency of the basic panel.

Competitive advantages

We are not the first to implement the idea of heat dissipation from solar panels in order to increase productivity and use of heat dissipation, but we have made the technology more efficient and cheaper, which gives a significant competitive advantage. The design of our modules differs from the single-sided analogues available on the market by the absence of a copper adsorber and a brazed tubular collector, which act as additional intermediaries in heat transfer. Our technology provides the best weight and dimensions, so the thermal adsorber is a PV-cells and a selective coolant. Heat removal is carried out from the entire surface of the PV-cells by the flow of coolant, providing increased efficiency and much lower cost of the product. As a result, we get 10-25% more generated electricity and heat energy


SOLAR PLEX based on JA SOLAR JAP6 (k) -60-270 / 4BB

Solimpex POWERTherm MA-0014

Electric power (Compared to the base photovoltaic panel)

10-25% more

8-12% more

Thermal power

0.5-0.7 kW / m²

up to 0.68 kW / m²

Weight, kg




not less than 90%


Absorber type

silicon photocells

aluminum plate

Heat / electricity ratio

regulated by the flow rate

not regulated


$ 450-500

$ 800-850

SOLAR PLEX на базі JA SOLAR JAP6(k)-60-270/4BB

Solimpex POWERTherm МА-0014


Construction companies
Solar-engineering and installers companies
Gas stations/car washes
Agro-industrial enterprises and farms
Owners and houses eco
High-rise buildings
Education(Kindergartens, schools etc)
Desalination sea water in the method of evaporation.

Project status

- established industrial model
- created comparative demonstration stand
- created online management system for selection of priority energy monitoring status and statistical data collection
- separate monitoring of heat and electricity
- received Ukrainian patent for utility model
- possible to produce 10 units / day using own equipment

Underway work on:
- improvement of monitoring of production and regulation of two types of energy in one device,
- creation of bificial hybrid panels with the increased generation of energy on unit of the area of the panel

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