High efficiency Hybrid Solar panel.
Used to generate electricity and heat.

13 500 UAH


Rated Electric power: 275 W + 10% *

Rated Heat power: 1100 W.

Total rated power: 1375 watts

Overall dimensions: 1650x991x35mm

Габаритні розміри: 1650х991х35мм


DESCRIPTION: The Hybrid Solar panel is formed on the basis of the solar panel of 275 W, which has a temperature coefficient of power drop of 0.41% / ºC. On its back side there is a plastic specially designed heat collector. Inside collector the heat carrier circulates evenly cooling the photocells. As a result, there is no significant reduction in the electrical performance of the module - in contrast, a conventional panel when heated in the sun loses up to 25% of power. The received heat through the heat exchanger to a tank with water is transferred to the consumer. The dual-circuit thermal circulation system provides all-weather operating conditions for Hybrid modules.